Training with accommodation

Training with accommodation


Training includes:

  • Daily trainig of your dog
  • Socializing with other dogs and people
  • Quality canine food and regular training with interaction and distraction of other dogs to strenghten associations with various commands
  • Hygiene , baths and grooming according to agreement
  • Veterinarian is available 24/7 - if needed, extra costs to be invoiced to dog owner
  • Running area - off-leash free roaming in our park depends on physical state and socialization with other dogs, and also trained skills

Pick up and delivery:

  • If needed, there is an option to pick up / bring back your dog at your place for a fee of - 0,25 € / km.


  • Every "dog guest" staying at our hotel must have all necessary vaccinations no older than a year.
  • Deworming must be done - not sooner than a week before check-in.

Forms of training