Dog training

Dog training


About the course

Having a happy dog with happy owner goes hand in hand with the training. Every dog owner is happy when their dog obides the commands like "come, side, sit, lie down or stay". And not happy, when the dog rips apart their home or relieves itself on a visit. Having your dog fully socialised and behaving well at home but completely out of control when outside results in frustration as well.

This is a situation where our training center comes in. Our instructors will help you with any issues you might have related to your dog.

Every training has three basic steps:

  • 1st phase: dog has to adapt to new environment, new regime and new person - temporary dog handler, our instructor
  • 2nd phase: dog learns recoginzing commands as "sit, lie down, come, side, stay, no, leave it" etc
  • 3nd phase: repetitive training also with other dogs playing a distraction role to strenghten command associations

Basic commands:

  • Sit - dog has to sit
  • Lie down - dog has to lie down
  • Stay - dog has to stay in place and in position you left them in
  • Come - calling a dog with this command must result in dog sitting straight in front of the dog handler
  • Side - dog has to come around the handler from the right hand side and sit by the left leg. We use this command also if we need the dog to walk by our left side
  • No! leave it! - commands we use when we want our dog to stop doing current (unwanted) activity.


  • Every "dog guest" staying at our hotel must have all necessary vaccinations no older than a year.
  • Deworming must be done - not sooner than a week before check-in.

Forms of training